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The smartest way to perform energy market analysis

PROBE LT by PowerGEM. A complete, end-to-end market simulation software.
Wind Turbines
Simulation Data

PowerGEM offers simulation-ready data for all regions in the United States. Our data sets are built from public sources including EIA, ISO websites, and NREL.  Robust testing and backcasting is performed to ensure accuracy.


PROBE LT market analysis and production cost modeling software offers unmatched capabilities to study the evolving energy industry. Detailed nodal market analysis using a robust transmission model, coupled with an obsession with modeling all market details, enables users to study renewable curtailment, LMP basis, energy storage, and most any other element of the future grid.

Dashboard Output Analysis

Users can access key outputs from annual or multi-year simulation in seconds, simplifying analysis and empowering deep-level insights. The ability to compare multiple cases is a key feature of the Dashboard software.

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How it works


Advanced security constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch. N-1 contingency analysis. Remarkable energy storage modeling capabilities. And an amazing ability to monitor tens of thousands of flowgates (mon/con pairs) during simulation.


PROBE's algorithms have evolved over 20 years to specifically target the complex challenges of energy market optimization. PROBE performs annual production cost simulation quickly on any above-average personal computer, with no need for expensive servers nor the headaches of deploying to cloud computing.

How it works
Round Trip Analysis

Export load flow models with saved demand, commitment, and dispatch for any hour of an 8760 simulation

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