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PROBE LT is a key component of PowerGEM's software analysis suite, along with our TARA software and PROBE for ISOs, Where beneficial, the products share code and features, enabling our development team to easily bring technical strengths from one program into another. See below for more technical details and history.



Additional Technical Detail

PROBE LT modeling features include emissions, co-optimization of energy and ancillary services, and ability to add transmission outages at hourly granularity through a simple csv file. Users can easily swap load flow models - no awkward import necessary, Additional technical detail in this FERC presentation.



TARA is a steady-state power flow software with modeling capabilities that extend beyond traditional power flow tools. TARA's extraordinarily robust and speedy linear (DC) and non-linear (AC) calculations have made it the choice of every ISO/RTO in the US as well as transmission owners, developers, and consultants. TARA code serves as the basis for PROBE LT's power flow and model-building capability.

Image by Nuno Marques



PROBE is customized for five US RTOs and has been used as part of PJM's day-ahead market clearance every day since January 1, 2005. Other notable ISO applications include outage acceleration and perfect dispatch at PJM, optimal dispatch calculator at MISO, and transmission outage coordination at ISO-NE.


PROBE LT Success Stories

PROBE LT has been implemented by dozens of Clients and the PowerGEM Consulting Team for studies in every corner of the United States. High visibility studies include offshore wind integration in NYISO, ISO-NE, and PJM, economic assessment of new transmission in WECC, renewable penetration studies in PJM and ERCOT, HVDC transmission in NYISO, energy storage analyses, and much more. Links to public studies coming soon.

Image by Ryan Thorpe
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